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The leading event for the international Mining industry return to Zanjan  for the 3rd international exhibition of mine, mineral and construction machinery to be held over May, 26 – 29 , 2015 . 

Following the last successful event we are pleased to announce that most of important and key personnel Iranian people at this sector will participate in this event, such as government officials, ministry of land and resources, board of trade, mining investment and financing, miners, geological survey, exploration and development, material science associations, smelting and processing, chamber of commerce, plants managers, experts, seniors, and all the persons in charge at this sector. 

The main purpose of holding  this event is to achieve Industry ministries’ targets also mining , trade and interaction between managers , dealer , universities  professors , public and private sector managers , academic professor , domestic and foreign companies , foreign agencies active in this sector . 

This golden opportunity is dedicated to following a path towards sustainable development of the Iranian mining industry and to being a part of global mining development trends in order to build a major annual event of mining dialogue, exchange and cooperation with integration of convention, exhibition and theme activity for the whole mining sector. 

Environmental conversation, using latest technology, export, support of domestic companies were some of important issues in this event. We hope we can show the Iran potential at Mining in this event. You can see most leading companies here

Reasons for Participating in this event :


  • Leading international mining forum in Asia
  • The most respected and professional mining expo in Iran
  • The Best platform for cooperation between international and local mining enterprises 
  • To share advanced experience from mining leaders
  • To Learn about the latest tendency in mining worldwide 
  • To find domestic and foreign investment opportunities
  • Project Investment Negotiation and matchmaking 
  • To study the world’s most advanced professional technologies
  • To communicate directly with potential clients and business partners