Now You Can Find An App That Is Really Made For News

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Corsa is not supported anymore. Read more about that

Corsa theme WON’T be updated and supported anymore. The main reason is that Corsa is not profitable. We (UpSolution team) recommend you to migrate your website from Corsa to Impreza. Why would I migrate my website to Impreza theme? We won’t fix any further Corsa issues and bugs including security vulnerabilities You won’t be able […]

Show your Impreza website and we’ll include it into our Showcase

As you may know, our Impreza landing page has the Showcase section, which shows the most attractive real websites built with Impreza. I decide to replenish our collection with fresh websites, so now it’s good time to show your website to the world 😉 Share your most beautiful website built with Impreza Just leave a […]

If you don’t drive your business, you will be driven out of business

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