Mission Statement of Rastak Pad Vision Company:

Rastak Pad Vision Co., a member of the Association of International Exhibition Organizers of Iran, aims to plan, organize, and host business events to enhance business exchanges. We facilitate effective communication among economic actors, foster supply chain development, and promote active cooperation with stakeholders. Our goals include

Organizing international exhibitions

Participating in specialized events abroad

Hosting various conferences tailored to customer needs

Providing event organization advice

Offering participant services like booth design and catering

Arranging business tours and exhibitions

Conducting customized training courses in various industries

Proposing income-generating solutions through capacity building services

Employing skilled personnel aligned with our missions, and creating sustainable value for all stakeholders.

We have accomplished our mission by leveraging the expertise of our dedicated, experienced, and accountable staff, along with integrating cutting-edge knowledge and technologies to execute thriving exhibitions and deliver top-notch services for our participants. Concurrently, we prioritize safeguarding the rights of all stakeholders to foster sustainable partnerships and business growth. We view customer satisfaction, social responsibility, and market expansion as invaluable assets and our primary objectives. Therefore, we are committed to upholding quality standards and enhancing our programs diligently.                   

Vision Statement of Rastak Pad vision Company:

 To be at the top of the country's prestigious organizers

Core Values of Rastak Pad Vision Company:

Systemic Thinking and Forward Planning

Customer Orientation and Trust Building

loyee Satisfaction and Growth

Social Accountability and Responsibility

Embracing Learning and Knowledge

Law-Abiding Practices

Encouraging Creativity and Innovation

Promoting Organizational Citizenship Behavior

Code of Ethics for Rastak Pad vision Employees:

Uphold punctuality, work discipline, and professional appearance.

Maintain politeness, accuracy, and helpfulness towards colleagues and customers.

Stay updated with organizational knowledge for effective performance.

Embrace new ideas logically for continuous improvement.

Aligning individual goals with company objectives and utilizing organizational resources effectively is a core principle.

- Upholding integrity by avoiding gossip, slander, and actions that erode trust among employees.

- Committing to confidentiality and refraining from sharing sensitive information with unauthorized individuals.

Fostering teamwork through collaborative activities and leading by example.

Embracing constructive criticism as a means for personal and professional growth.

Demonstrating dedication, accuracy, and timeliness in fulfilling duties.

Supporting colleagues by assisting with work-related challenges while respecting their privacy.

Sharing knowledge and skills to enhance the capabilities of team members.

Safeguarding company resources and promoting efficient use to prevent waste.

Striving for a healthy work-life balance.